Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Etsy for vintage golf pants

vintage wool plaid 
When people think of plaid or houndstooth pattern golf pants, they tend to think of the outrageous designs by Loudmouth Golf or similar companies who target the "look at me!" market.  The colors are bold, the patterns are extreme, and the look is designed to make a statement.  That statement is basically "Let's party!"  I love those kinds of people.  I love to party.  I appreciate those who are willing to throw sensibility out the window and shine as beacons of tomfoolery.

But I will call attention to the fact that plaid and houndstooth pants have not always been exclusively silly.  These patterns were once used in legitimate grown-up attire, worn by even the most sartorially conservative.

Etsy.com is an excellent source for vintage golf trousers, designed with muted tones, sensible contrast levels, and generally handsome patterns, allowing you to make the statement "I am so golfing right now" without adding "I am one wild and crazy guy".  And they are very affordable, even in high quality wool.  Anyone can buy a new pair of $150 Travis Matthews pants at Dick's, but finding a pair of true vintage, high quality wool pants that are timeless and relevant (for $40) says much more about your love for the game.  One note, though:  you may need to re-tailor the pant legs, as some may have an undesirable flare at the bottom.

these are loud enough without the vans

ladies, too
elegant black and white houndstooth

loud, but not so loud
earth tones, houndstooth
handsome, conservative, vintage
red plaid, but under control


  1. Wow, just ordered a pair of the wool pants, $32 R U kidding. Nice find.

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