Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 Zurich Classic retro

I don't usually post about the PGA, but seven players at the Zurich Classic this year donned traditional attire and swung hickory to commemorate the insurance giant's centennial.  I've always dug the notion of dressing golfy when playing golf, to keep both the tradition and absurdity of the game in perspective, so I couldn't resist taking note:

Keegan:  Not bad.  You certainly avoid any accusations of over-matching.  Looks like you may or may not have run this by your Hilfiger sponsor.  Obviously you can't swing a club wearing a sport coat, but you had enough sense to take it off.

Ricky, on the other hand, is swimming in his XXL hip-hop-sized blazer.  I'm not an expert, but I'm not sure that coat is so traditional anyway.  Wasn't there some one from Puma you could have called for help?  I do love the orange tie against the tasteful neutrals, though.  Looks good, California.

Rose:  Plus-fours, cardigan, all grey and black.  Very youthful without a tie.  Very sharp.  Love it.

Donald:  You win.  Fantastic.  Looks like RLX hooked you up right as usual.  They even found knickers that are cuffed or belted or something.  They're somehow cooler than what you typically see.  All perfectly tailored, and I'm sure the fabrics are top notch, highest quality.

G-Mac:  Outstanding.  Maybe you're actually the winner.  It's loud, but totally tasteful and well-assembled.  Having your hat, tie, and breeches made of the exact same plaid fabric is like operating on a whole other level.  That is professional grade.  I don't understand why your plus-fours are cut so full, but I trust you that they're supposed to be that way, especially with that bow tie.

Crane:  Excellent.   Matching hat, tie, and knickers.  Tasteful pattern and grey scale.  I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't be the winner here.  I must assume Hugo hooked you up.  World class outfit.

Villegas:  You win for "most plausible modern adaptation of traditional golf attire".  It's just right.  Replace the newsboy cap with a baseball cap, and nobody would blink an eye if you wore that on tour.  Well, not any more than they blinked when Ryan Moore wore a tie for the masters.  A well-reviewed Geoff Ogilvy has been dressing like this recently, sans tie.  The grey flat-front pants, black shoes, belt, and black tie are so working class behind that tan 6-button cardigan.  This is golf fashion for the rest of us.

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