Friday, August 26, 2011

golf bags

I hate golf bags.  They're so stupid, with all your clubheads clicking and clacking as you walk.  At least when you carry your bag, the clubheads all hang the same way.  Strap your bag onto a cart and it's chaos, digging around looking for the club you want.  Half the time you swear you've lost the club you're looking for.  And how great is it when you try to stick your club back into the bag, only to have its grip wedge up against another grip and refuse to find the bottom of the bag?  Especially when you've hit a poor shot and your patience is worn thin...

It seems to me there have been exactly two significant developments in golf bag design in the last 400 years.  The stand mechanism that makes the legs whip out when you set it down, and the "backpack" style shoulder straps.

Here are two concepts that are heading for the market soon:

This is sort of an integrated bag-and-pullcart.  There aren't many other details to date.  Very stylish, but no info about how the clubs are stored, how much it weighs, other features, etc.

This one by Kaala Golf ( is a similar wheeled cart hybrid, but also features a nifty rotating cartridge system to store and dispense each individual club.  The clubs are stored "upside down", with the head lying in a "lazy susan" at the bottom of the bag, and the shaft clipped in, like a pool cue, onto the rotating center barrel.  One interesting note with these designs is that they're air travel-ready, being hard cases.

I don't know if these designs fit my game.  I don't see how they can do double duty as a stand bag and cart bag.  I'm not sure how their cost will fare in the market against the hordes of cheap mass-produced standbags, which obviously sell at a very high margin.  Time will tell.  But I certainly appreciate the fact somebody is trying to make improvements long overdue.

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