Thursday, August 25, 2011

JT: golf fashion leader

When discussing golf fashion, many people tend to think of Ricky Fowler, who gets so much attention with his perfectly matched outfits.  While I appreciate how this human lollipop look does fly in the face of traditional golf style, I would beg to differ with those who view Ricky as a fashion leader, because color coordination and a flat-bill hat do not reflect a tremendous command of the art form.

The leaders in golf fashion's recent past have been Ian Poulter and Jesper Parnevik.  Ian's family was in the clothing business, inspiring him to bring new designs, particularly innovative trousers, to the fairways.  Jesper's family was in entertainment.  He brought tasteful but eclectic styles to golf, including the reintroduction of the tie-and-sweater-vest.  Ryan Moore recently tweaked Jesper's style with a grungier northwest sensibility.

Then there's Ryo Ishikawa.  With his ever-present upper arm sleeve, perfectly tailored western shirts, contrast stitching, and meticulous detailing/badging, this guy is on a whole other level.  Ryo consistently shows up looking like something you've never seen before, and looking really sharp.   Do you see how the pearl snap pockets on the shirt match the trouser pocket?  Do you see the faux epaulets talking to the military style cap?  This is a thoughtful, deliberate study in detail and fashion.

But Justin Timberlake is the clear leader in golf fashion.  Granted, he's not on The Tour, but he's a highly visible celebrity golfer who sponsors the Shriner's Open tournament, so I'm letting it slide.  Justin doesn't simply wear variations of one look.  He's got a hundred looks.  Often, it's a hip-hop inspired twist on the Parnevik standard, usually with a black trilby/fedora/derby, like this:
How does a guy throw an orange belt into that mix without it completely taking over?  It has everything to do with the stripe pattern on the shirt.   That's called understanding the basic principles of design.  Impressive, but not a big deal compared to this:

Yeah, lets get a camouflage ballcap, green hunting jacket, and fishing shades.  We'll even grow a beard to complete the redneck element of this look.  But now lets get some sporty red and pink stripes with white 70's piping on that jacket, and a snazzy designer urban belt for cultural contrast to balance it all out.  Cheeky chic.  Lovely.

JT, you are the golf fashion leader.

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  1. It is just not fair how talented Justin Timberlake is. You would figure since he is a a great performer, funny actor, good looking then he would at least suck as a golfer. But, no, he has to be good at that too. Damn him!